Top 10 Best Cities in the USA – Culture, History and Natural Richness


As the land of endless possibilities, the U.S.A. offers an incredible variety of choices when it comes to the sites to see and the things to do: music, entertainment and history, natural assets and culture – the U.S.A. has it all. Check out our 10 best cities in the USA to stick on your bucket list.

1) Boston

Recommended for visitors who are looking for extraordinary cultural experiences, the city features numerous cultural events, many of them free, while the proximity of Harvard University offers an amazing sightseeing opportunity and excellent restaurants.

2) Chicago

The Windy City welcomes its visitors with excellent sports opportunities. Michigan Lake lends itself for biking tours and for romantic evenings along Navy Pier. As an amazing example of architectural creativity, Chicago features a number of breathtaking buildings like the Chicago Avenue Pumping Station or the Marina City.

3) New York

One of the greatest cities of the world, New York has something for everybody: the core of the Big Apple, Manhattan displays an iconic skyline that is for many the symbol of America. One of the most energetic and most influential cultural centers of the U.S.A., New York offers the best in music, art, literature and film; its cuisine is a synthesis of the culinary influences from the entire world, while at night the eager tourist can dive into the world of clubs and bars.

4) Las Vegas

No.4 on our best cities in the USA is a controversial city, Las Vegas is certainly one of the most interesting, must-see spots in the U.S.A. If you want to have a unique experience trying your luck in a casino, Las Vegas is the place to go. If you visit it with your family, your children will surely enjoy the famous artificial animal habitats.

5) Los Angeles

The City of Angels is famous not only for the neighboring film capital, Hollywood. The long, picturesque beaches are excellent places for walking or running; Disneyland is one of the largest, most exciting theme parks in the world, while Sunset Boulevard, with its clubs, bars and restaurants offers a special nightlife experience.

6) New Orleans

Most famous for its Mardi Gras festival, New Orleans is one of the most complex musical and cultural centers of the world. Fans of jazz, blues and funky music, fans of Creole kitchen, tourists interested in architectural styles will all find lots of venues to visit and explore here which is why New Orleans comes in at No. 6 on our top 10 best cities in the USA list.

7) San Antonio

The entertainment opportunities and attractions seem really endless in this Texan City. One of its most famous landmarks is the Alamo, the place where one of the most important battles of the Texas Revolution took place; on the Riverwalk, you can explore the city by boat or on foot, while in the world-famous Seaworld tourists can see marine animals and enjoy the amazing facilities of the theme park.

8) San Francisco

Famous for its transportation system, San Francisco can offer its visitors a special tour of the city by cable car. Another landmark is the Golden Gate Bridge – explored on foot, or by bike or car, it offers a great view over the river. Another must-see venue is the Alcatraz – the former prison is a National Park now, only a short boat ride away from the shore.

9) Seattle

Seattle is surrounded by an incredibly rich natural environment: water and mountain excursions make holidays unforgettable while those not so keen on trekking can enjoy the views from one of the numerous observation towers. Visitors interested in a different type of recreation can visit the Aquarium or enjoy local cuisine on the city’s landmark building, the Space Needle.

10) Washington

One can do and see so much in the District Capital: the national monuments and the Houses of Government are amazing architectural achievements; trekking in Great Falls Park is spectacular, and, if you are in the mood for a concert or a show, the Kennedy Center is the place to go.

All these facilities, buildings and activities are just a few of the possibilities offered by these extraordinary cities – each of them special and unique.